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Roses and Thorns

Bridget Wolf

Heart-achingly beautiful improvisational piano soundscapes that evoke depth of essence and connection to the beauty and pain in life.

Described as a female Beethoven, Bridget's music artfully and sensitively expresses, with stunning energy, the beauty and pain of life's ups and downs, blessings and challenges. Like Johann Sebastian Bach, she possesses remarkable invention and ingenuity.

She created this album of achingly beautiful improvisational piano soundscapes as part of her recovery process after a car accident in 2014. The shock and pain of being rear-ended by a young driver (who may have been texting) triggered past wounds and losses. Bridget chooses to bless the driver and everyone involved in her recovery. The accident spurred a spiritual recovery process as well as physical, mental and emotional healing.

Bridget reflects about her healing journey: "Before the car accident, I focused on harmony in my improvisations, now I let myself explore dissonance, letting the pain of life's tragedies move through me in waves of sound and energy, releasing grief, anger, frustration, as well as expressing joy, awe, reverence and gratitude for the beauty in life and the many blessings I have received."

These are thirteen of the many evocative piano improvisations that Bridget sat down and recorded and then did minor edits in Garageband. They will not be performed in these forms, and so these recordings are the only way this part of Bridget's soul will be heard.

Her music expresses resilience and courage in the face of challenges, as well as the transforming power of love and forgiveness during the darkest of times.


"Brilliant! Unbelievable! I'm amazed at the scope, talent and variety in these improvisations!" Tim Westfeldt, counselor in Talent, Oregon

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